General Sales Agency & Ground Handling Services

As Passengers & Cargo General Sales (GSAs) with Ground Handling Services Agents, we are fully positioned to commercialize Airlines passengers, freight capacity and then smoothing the passengers and ground handling operations in Nigeria. New Horizons Agency management work in constant interaction with ANCLA being the most visible Freight Forwarders, and NANTA as the only association of Travel Agency and in a good working relationship with SACHOL/NACHON been the approved General Handling Company and Government Agency in addressing a wide range of complex and unpredictable issues. As well as meeting the needs and requirements of New Horizon partner airlines, New Horizon committed to satisfying our customers, primarily Passengers, IATA Agents and freight forwarders.

New Horizon Aviation Agency Limited a subsidiary of B.M.T.C Logistic Limited typically works with:

  • Ground Handling Supports
  • IATA Ticket Sales Agents
  • National Association of Nigeria Travel Agents (NANTA)
  • Freight forwarders and Exporters
  • Passengers and Cargo Handling Agents (GHAs)

New Horizon Agency is a one logistic corner shop that delivers transportation services to the Ticketing Agents and Freight forwarder within a second. You do not need to dispute the fact that as a reputable GSSAs in Nigeria mean we are the 3rd party players representing airlines passengers and cargo commercialization, operations and administration services.

Mission & Vision

Our extensive portfolio of into-wing suppliers provides a variety of choices with the assurance that your fuel is of the highest quality and will be there on time every time.

  • Flight Booking
  • Cabin Crews
  • Air Craft
  • Shedule
  • Destination
  • Package

We Are Happilly Saying We Are Awesome.

We are currently assisting customers in Nigeria to East Africa and West Africa with their requirements for frequent cargo flights carrying general good range from meat, vegetables and flowers from & to Nigeria and other GCC countries, and cargo of electronics and garments as well as pharmaceuticals out of the UAE to those countries.