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Aircraft Appearance

When it comes to ensuring New Horizon Agency customers’ aircrafts are spotless inside and out, we take extra measures and make sure our clients commercial airliners receive the same exact attention as private jets. Our services include comprehensive interior and exterior cleaning, litter and waste disposal, cabin dressing, disinfecting and sanitizing. From garnering and understanding of what our customers expect and require, to planning cleaning schedules, we offer consistently high service and deliver flawless results time and again.

Our Aircraft Appearance Services Includes

  • Full interior and exterior cleaning services
  • All litter and waste disposal
  • Cabin dressing
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing
  • Clean and search

New Horizon Agency also offer an integrated clean and search service. This service aims to make the departure process more efficient for our airline’s customers. Our director in person of Hon. Audullahi Saheed Mosadoluwa undertake a mandatory search as the aircraft is cleaned, thus eliminating the need for a separate search prior to departure.