New Horizon is the best integrated GSSA in Nigeria

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New Horizon Aviation Agency Limited was built on the breadth and depth of practical experience of the individual partners and directors of the B.M.T.C Group of company that drawn up Royal Crystal Airways in the field of aviation services provision, resource management, and project management.

New Horizon Aviation Agency formerly B.M.T.C Logistics Limited was formed in 2003 to provide much needed expert, reliable, and efficient aviation services particularly on Ground and Passengers Handling Services and Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage operations, as well as on policy, institutional and technical advice on the aviation sector to our clients the world over.

New Horizon Agency remain the only one logistic corner shop that deliver transportation services to the Ticketing Agents and Freight forwarder within a second. You do not need to dispute the fact that as a reputable GSSAs in Nigeria mean we are the 3rd party plbroader representing airlines passengers and cargo commercialization, operations and administration services.

Any reputable airline can move into a West Africa passengers and cargo market partnering with New Horizon Aviation Agency to streamline its costs in an existing market. We are well position and we invites you to leverage on the expertise of the New Horizon Aviation Agency to market your passenger and cargo capacity without you as the airline having to invest either time or material and human resources.

On top of any reputable rational scope of service, New Horizon Aviation Agency' will provide a wider spectrum of services to the airlines in as much we are appointed to perform Total Passengers & Cargo Management.

Our Specilization

Full Charter & ACMI Lease Operations

Ticketing & Reservation (IATA)

Foreign Airline & Certified Carrier Agency

Hajj & Umrah Pilgrimage Air Charter

United Nation & CBN Cargo Airlifting Contract

Umrah External Agency

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