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The Best integrated
GSSA in West Africa

New Horizon

6 subsidiaries and
14 offices spanning
6 countries

Company Profile

233 people in a team spirit in achieving the highest in performance, facing great challenges and going beyond personal limits.

For many decades, we have been working tirelessly to offer Airlines and Passenger and forwarders with competitive services of the highest quality.

You can count on a constant supply of energy and resources, fueled by the most precious of all qualities: willpower


New Horizon Aviation Agency Limited was built on the breadth and depth of practical experience of the individual partners and directors of the B.M.T.C Group of company that drawn up Royal Crystal Airways in the field of aviation services provision, resource management, and project management.

New Horizon Aviation Agency formerly BMTC Logistic Limited was established in 2008 by Mr Audullahi. Glory be to God almighty that make it possible for the company to become a leading and most dynamic Foreign Airline Agency and airline GSA enterprises, in Nigeria. In addition to representing world-leading passengers and cargo carriers as an agent of foreign airlines, New Horizon Aviation Agency also operates and distributes other services such as Cargo Solutions for airlines, as an IATA accredited agent, we issuing Airline Ticketing worldwide through our Benin Office license.

New Horizon Agency has established unique distribution channels through Hajj & Umrah travel agents, Cargo Agents and tour operators, corporate and works in harmonious co-operation with other carriers in our respective markets.

Our partners benefit from a complete range of services catering to all of their business requirements and our experienced and dedicated staff ensure that our success is our partners' success.

New Horizon Agency also registered our trading house in the United Kingdom with our company No 11536632 to trade wood exportation from Nigeria to Europe and China. We have also committed to providing our partners with a product and service through care home and also negotiating Aircraft insurance as a broker and that is consistently excellent, professional, innovative and customer-driven in order to ensure our successful entry into and continued growth in global markets.

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New Horizon's Aviation Agency global network offers airlines, cargo operators, national tourism boards and destinations, a low-risk method of entering new national and regional markets. Our suppliers benefit from our experience and strengths such as:

- A proven track record of 18 years' growth, experience and success
- Dedicated staffs with a wealth of experience in the airline and other travel-related industries
- International offices that are fully owned by New Horizon Aviation Agency that guaranteeing our full commitment to our partners' business requirements
- A complete range of services to cover all of our partners' needs, including M.T.CSolutions which are tailored to fit our customer's size.
- Professional expertise in marketing, sales and operations.
- Unrivalled knowledge of local markets, customs and culture and access to unique databases
- A large network of contacts in the local and international market
- Access to leaders and the decision-makers in each market
- Creative and innovative marketing concepts.

B.M.T.C Group: A company where almighty God is the principal Chairman

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New Horizon is committed to satisfying customers, primarily passengers, IATA Agents and freight forwarderst, etc.
In short, New Horizon Aviation Agency's s play a pivotal and essential role in the aeronautical industry, passengers and in the air freight industry in particular.



Block 9, Beesam complex, Beesam B/stop, M.M. International Airport, Lagos State.
+2348082244044 OR +2348034775527

Benin Repulic

Avlakuta, Cotonu Rebublic of Benin.

United Kingdom

18, Wahddon House, East Dulwich London.

Saudi Arabia

Ground floor, Beyab Al Hermah hotel, Makkah, K.SA.